Book Sale Volunteer Rules

Check later to sign up to volunteer at the Book Sale.

Thank you for volunteering for the Friends of the Library Book Sale.

Your time, talents and efforts are appreciated. To make this event an efficient and enjoyable fundraiser for all, we ask that you abide by the following rules for Book Sale Volunteers.

  • Volunteers on Tuesday & Wednesday Set-up Days – may purchase ONE bag of books per day. A minimum of 3 hours of volunteering each day is required to qualify to purchase 1 bag of books on Tuesday and Wednesday. Monday Volunteers will not have this available.  Books may not be over the top of the sack. This must be done after you finish your shift and be paid for immediately with check or cash at the Volunteer Desk. Prices are set and are not negotiable. Items in the Collectors’ Corner are not available for purchase during set-up. Books, etc. will not be held behind the Volunteer Desk, nor held until the sale. No exceptions.
  • Check-in and out is required at the Volunteer Desk at the entrance to the Creative Arts Building. You must wear a nametag while working. Book Sale T-shirts are available if you are volunteering for two or more shifts. Please leave purses, etc in your trunk or at home. We are not responsible for watching any items that you bring with you or that are lost. Please dress comfortably as the cement floors can be hard on your legs and feet.
  • If you are unable to work your assigned shift, please try to find a responsible substitute. I will be hard to reach the week of the sale and may not get a message.
  • If you are working Set-up Days, use of scanners is NOT allowed. If you are found using a scanner, you will be asked to leave. For the sale, rules will be posted concerning use of scanners.
  • Food and drinks for volunteers will be in the break room throughout the day. Please eat before or after your shift. Please be considerate of the other volunteers and clean-up after yourself. Food for Volunteers is donated or provided by Friends and area businesses at an average of one serving per volunteer. Only volunteers allowed in break room. You may not give food or drink to customers due to health rules.

All you do for the Friends of the Library is greatly appreciated. We are required to have a volunteer agreement and liability release for each volunteer. If under 18, parental permission is required, too.

Thank you,
Paul Larson – 723-8862

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