Summer is ending and the Friends of the Waco McLennan County Library are gathering gently worn books, DVDs, board games, and jigsaw puzzles for their annual November Book Sale.

All through the year you can always donate these items at any of the four Waco-McLennan County Libraries: Central Library at 1717 Austin Avenue, East Waco Library at 901 Elm Avenue, South Waco Library at 2737 South 18th, and West Waco Library at 5301 Bosque.

During the month of September your convenience will be doubled, because you’ll be able to donate your books & games at area H. E. B. stores as well as at the libraries themselves. Just look for the blue bins!

girl in library
Volunteers for the Friends of the Library will then organize your donated books and other items into 80+ categories. Finally, from November 6th-9th we can all spend hours at the Extraco Events Center (formerly known as H. O. T. Fairgrounds) browsing through our favorite areas, whether that is the extensive children’s section or the mysteries. There will be a bunch of histories this year, too. Personally I love the section on art books, those books can sell for more than $100.00 in stores, but at the Friends Annual Book Sale the prices of these beautiful books starts at $1.50! My brother-in-law will be looking through the biographies and maybe some fly fishing books. This year we have a special section of magic books, and there are many others that might make good Christmas gifts. The Collector’s Corner always has beautiful volumes, and still at just a fraction of the book’s value!

But for now, go ahead and make room on your bookshelves by bringing the books you are already done with to one of the libraries. Or just start thinking about what books you might want to take to H. E. B. in September. You don’t have to be a book-worm to participate!